Beginning at the Beginning

Hello all! And welcome to Always Split the Party! I am your GM and Party-Splitter Extraordinaire, Jim!

I am about to start running a new 5th edition campaign for my group, and I thought I’d take some time each week to record the sessions and to give some of my thoughts about the adventures as we go through. Along the way, I’ll talk about GMing: how I manage players, how I run a game, and how I create and run the world.

To start off, I’ll introduce myself and my players.

Me: Jim the GM. I’ve been running games for my friends since I was really young, like 8, or 9. At that time, me and my friend would roam the huge field outside his house, wielding wooden swords and shields, fighting off the creatures as I described them. I stole heavily from the Lord of the Rings, video games, and the old Hero Quest board game (which is a phenomenal game!) I wrote my own adventures for awhile, and then discovered MERP (Middle-Earth Role Playing, an ancient and amazing game). Finally, I began to play D&D, first as a player in my older brother’s campaigns, and then as a DM for my own group of friends. 3rd edition was my first love, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. After a few years hiatus from gaming (college), I’m now back, running 5th. That is my role-playing career in a nutshell.

Now, I’ll introduce you to my players.

John: Playing Selena, a human dragonblood sorceress. John is the charistmatic one, the natural leader. He likes to craft plans, execute maneuvers, and generally run things. He also has a great love of roleplaying, and gets into character early and often. He speaks with a slight british accent when roleplaying for…reasons. Selena is the daughter of a barbarian chieftan who used ancient tribal rituals to imbue his daughter with magic, hoping to use her as a weapon to unite the various barbarian tribes under him. She is very young, and unsure of herself, but realizes the power she has been given and isn’t too sure she wants to go along with her father’s plans. Her companion and bodyguard is Ahkmet, played by Matt.

Matt: Playing Ahkmet, a human fighter. Matt is the newest member of my gaming group, having only played in one or two of my one-shots before. He’s a good player, if a little bit crazy. For example, his last character was a cleric/warlock who was essentially bi-polar and would go from being Lawful Good to Chaotic Neutral at the drop of a hat. He likes roleplaying strange situations, and he definitely has a powergamer streak as well. Ahkmet was born into the royal family of a faraway kingdom, but was sold into slavery after a coup, which saw his entire family, save a nephew, murdered. He was sold to a gladiatorial company, and was very successful there, until one day he refused to kill his opponent. He was sentenced to die of exposure, and was chained to a rock and left for many days. However, Selena and her father were passing by, and she took pity on him and convinced her father to free him. In gratitude, Ahkmet swore a life debt to the girl. He is much older than the rest of the characters, and is sort of the “father-figure” of the group.

Tim: Playing Chiron, a wood-elf cleric. Tim is the definition of the “power gamer”. When he makes a character, his first thought is how he can make him the most powerful he possibly can. He does like roleplaying, but mostly in situations where people are either awed of his character, or where he can do an expose of his backstories, which usually involve mystery and “chosen ones”. Chiron is no different. An orphan wandering the streets of the city, Chiron was taken in by a group of monks who were passing through, after one of them heard a voice directing them to take him with them. They founded a monastery high in the mountains and trained him there to be one of them. However, it was revealed that he possesed the Divine Fire (divine magic in my world), which has not been seen in decades. Discerning that his place was in the world, he set out to find his destiny.

Jeff: Playing Andariel, a wood-elf ranger. Jeff is the story-teller of the group. He likes having long-term goals, and loves incorporating his own backstory into the adventure at hand. An explorer, he loves taking NPCs that I (obviously) never intended to be important to the story and find out everything about them he can. He keeps me on my toes, and has been the cause of some very memorable NPCs. Andariel is a very young elf, who, when quite young, left home to explore the nearby mountains. She was captured by a tribe of barbarians, who took her back to their village and kept her as a tracker and a quasi-slave. After years of this, she managed to escape. Her primary goal is to become the next Windrider, a fabled elven knight, mounted on a wyvern, who saved the elves from destruction centuries ago.

There you go; a brief introduction to my group. Next time, I’ll give a few details about the world and maybe let you all know how the first session goes.

Happy Gaming! And remember:

Always Split the Party!


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