3 Adventure Hooks for Your D&D Game

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Always Split the Party! Jim the GM here, as always.

The biggest problem I have, as a GM, is finding enough time and players to go through all of the adventures I plan out in my head (and occasionally write down). I get through a story arc every few months, and in each I can put together maybe two or three distinct adventures. That means that in a year, I can go through about a dozen adventures. Not that many, right?

Rather than let some of these ideas go to waste, I thought I might as well put them out there in case any one else has the ol’ DM’s Block. Maybe you can use these, maybe you can’t. Maybe you just want some ideas to compare your own against, maybe you just want a good laugh. For whatever reason, and with whatever result, here are 3 adventure hooks to use in your D&D game.

1) Battle Royale

The heroes are invited to a mysterious island castle, and are greeted by their host, a well-known and wealthy eccentric. After introducing them to various other guests, all adventurers of some sort or another, the host reveals his purpose – he is hosting a grand tournament, a bloody free-for-all. The winner is allowed to leave the island, and is rewarded handsomely. The losers…are not so lucky. With that, the host vanishes, leaving the guests to one another. With limited supplies, and increasing desperation, can the heroes stave off bloodshed long enough to find a way off the island? Or will they give in to their panic and slay the other “guests” before they decide to finish off the heroes?

2) The Lost Talisman

Ages ago, the fabled Talisman of the Artificer was lost at sea,  during a storm off the Cape of White Fire. The ship carrying it, the Grey Gull, was thought lost with all hands. However, rumors of a journal, purporting to belong to a survivor of the Grey Gull have begun surfacing in a port city of the province. All at once, every ruler within a thousand leagues has agents in the city hunting for the journal. If the Grey Gull wasn’t lost with all hands, but instead merely shipwrecked on an island, then perhaps the Talisman is not lost forever. Said to be able to form soldiers out of the very stone itself, the Talisman would be an invaluable tool in the hands of any lord. The heroes are hired by one such lord to find the journal, and track down the Talisman before anyone else can.

3) The Temple of Ishix’iss

In the heart of a massive jungle lies the fabled Drowned City, a ruin half-sunk in the jungle bogs. Watched over by a tribe of Yuan-Ti, the city has been undisturbed for hundreds of years. However, an archaeologist from the Capital has recently discovered an ancient scroll which describes the location of a treasure hidden in the Drowned City, and has set off with several of his assistants, some guards, a pathfinder, and his patron’s son to recover the treasure. Of course, he does not return when expected, and so his patron hires the heroes to investigate, and return with at least the patron’s son safely in tow…

There you go. Every so often I might post a few more ideas from my book on here, but three is good enough for now. Let me know what you think of these ideas, and if you have any others that you might want to add, just put them in the comments. I’m sure someone will stumble across them and use them at some point!

Talk to you all later! Happy gaming, and remember:

Always Split the Party!



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